WESCO Research Inc.

Human Factors Research and Design Solutions

WESCO Research Inc. provides applied research studies in the areas of human factors and human-computer interaction. This includes human factors research towards gaining a more complete understanding of users' tasks and needs. The design and development of easily usable human-computer interfaces is our major product area. These studies and design solutions have typically involved the identification of user needs, hierarchical task analysis, specification of requirements, graphical user interface (GUI) design, human-computer interface (HCI) design, human-machine interface (HMI) design, style guide publication, and usability testing on a number of complex projects, including air traffic control, space systems, ground control systems, eBusiness integration, web-based document management, and automated fingerprint identification systems.

The evaluation methods and resources used include

These studies typically involve

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The professional staff of WESCO is multidisciplinary, an important attribute in human-computer interface and human factors research-related studies. Understanding human motivation and idiosyncrasies is as much a part of our design toolbox as high-end graphics applications.

To receive specific information on your Human Factors Research, Analysis, and Design needs, please contact Lee Harkless.